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Five Questions You Should Ask when Choosing a Swimming Pool

An Olympic-sized swimming pool is roughly 164 feet long while the typical plastic kiddie pool you buy at Wal-Mart is around 5 feet. Somewhere in between is the right swimming pool size for you and your family. Pool size is one of the first factors to consider when designing your dream swimming pool, and it can affect every other choice in the design. How do you know what the perfect size is for you and your family?

Ask yourself the five W’s – Who, What, Where, When, and Why.

The Five W’s of Swimming Pool Size

WHO will be using the pool? 

The age and skill level of the swimmers will help you decide how deep the pool should be. How many people might be using it at one time? Make sure the pool size is big enough that the whole family (and then some) can play without knocking elbows.  Remember that pools are ideal for hosting guests, so don’t limit the size to just your immediate family.

WHAT will the pool be used for?

There is a big difference between the pool that an Olympic swimmer trains in and the pool that two-yearolds splash around in. If you plan on swimming laps, the pool must be long enough to accommodate the activity. Twenty-five yards is a good minimum length that public pools use. However, if it is mainly a play area for children, a smaller pool size and depth might suffice.

WHERE will the pool be located?

Of course, the size of the yard is a definite factor when determining your swimming pool size. A good starting point for deciding on your pool size is to measure the dimensions of the yard. But you must also consider how much of the yard should be used. Do you want to leave room for sunbathing, grilling, or other outdoor activities? A smaller pool size may be a good tradeoff for having these extra amenities.

WHEN will you use the pool?

This question may not seem like it relates to how large or small you want your pool to be, but, if you need a pool heater for swimming on colder or cloudy days, remember that a smaller pool costs less to heat. Balancing luxury and practicality comes into play when deciding on your pool size.

Finally, why does it matter if you choose the right swimming pool size?

 A pool that is the wrong size simply will not be used. If it is too small, it becomes impractical to use, and if it’s too big, it can take over the yard. After construction, changing the size of a pool is extremely costly.  It is definitely worth it to take your time and ask the right questions at the start to get the right swimming pool size. 


Pool Doctor of the Palm Beaches has been providing expert pool services for the Palm Beach area for over 25 years. They produce monthly blogs and podcasts on www.poolspalmbeaches.com to help residents design, maintain, and love their swimming pools.


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